Active Learning Center

Our vision is to:

Create a lifelong learning ecosystem by empowering individuals to reach their potential


What we do

The aim of the Active Learning Center is to improve job opportunities in the local community and change Sri Lankan traditional teaching and learning approaches to the "activity based learning" method. The "activity based learning" method enhances creativity and self-learning skills, enabling a student to continue their lifelong education journey according to their own strengths and interests. This is a scientifically proven  method of teaching, which is being implemented in education facilities across Europe.


Rega Rathagirushnan

Rega is the Managing Director of the Active Learning Center. She has a B. Sc in Industrial Statistics & Mathematical Finance and Human Resource Management and a Masters Degree in Financial Mathematics.

She has worked across various private and multinational companies in Colombo in the field of HR, ISO quality audit, actuarial and finance. She has also worked as an online tutor.


Do what you really are!

Starting off as scout exchange program with Mongolia, BOOKBRIDGE has developed into an impactful and purpose-driven social enterprise.

For each new Learning Center BOOKBRIDGE identifies a Community Hero, for Batticaloa it's Rega, to lead the creation and ultimately ensure the Center is self-sustaining. BOOKBRIDGE facilitates connections for people from the "Global North" (usually European nations and the United States) with people from the local community to set this up.

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