Courses will be taught using activity based learning methods, with no more than 15 people

Children - Basic level

If you would like your child to start learning English this class is ideal. We are teaching basic English in an active, playful way where your child will happily attend class and get familiar with a new language.

children - Intermediate level

This class is for your child if she or he is already able to understand and speak basic English. For example colors, numbers, weekdays are already known. This course focuses on bringing the basic skills to the next level by playing games and interactive assignments. Goal is to have simple conversations.

Adults - Business English

If you attend this course you will strengthen your skills to speak and write English at work. Examples of focus areas are writing business emails, managing meetings and phone calls.

Adults- Spoken English

If you attend this course you will gain confidence in speaking English and you will be able to have conversation with tourists, Singhalese and understand your kids’ homework

Tailor made English for Industries

If you own a business and would like to enroll your staff in English and life skills classes contact us to design and lead a tailor made course at your premises if desired.